Our Story

There are many shades in imperfection.
Our favorite one is beauty.

Life has always been made of opposite elements which have, uniting them, an immutable trait: the search for well-being, for the discovery of oneself, for what is beyond us. With no rush, no harm, just letting it flow. This was the driving force that set the tone for the birth of Sohzen.

And here we are, a portuguese lifestyle brand born in the midst of the sea and mountains, blue and green, olive trees and open smiles. We aim to create products that bring meaning to our lives, inspired by nature, wellness and an effortless joy.

We believe in the power of what is made to be cherished, the beauty of being timeless, the joy of those things that are carried with us until they turn to be part of ourselves. The power of what’s not necessarily spotless, too polished - and, so often, too blend; Sohzen is for people with flaws, desires and mood swings, for the ones that are able to laugh at themselves, to find happiness in just being.

Our collections are small and permanent, since we believe that slow is better than fast, and that every item deserves to be enjoyed gracefully and entirely.

Sohzen means surrounding yourself with what makes you feel good (even in those not-so-good days), connecting with the world and reconsidering the way we buy, use, and enjoy this one life we get. With that imperfection which holds tight hands with beauty.

You may find us a little wabi-sabi and indeed we are. Proudly.

Because as Leonard Cohen once wrote,

“There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.”