This Sohzen blend is available in sachets and raw leaf, both packed in beautiful tin packages that we encourage you to keep and reuse (they make great little vases to plant your herbs and spices).

Please read: Due to a manufacturing problem, most of the lids of our tin packages were slightly damaged (the paint might be scratched around the edges).
Because a little imperfection doesn't bother us and mostly because we want to avoid unnecessary waste production, we decided to sell our infusions with this lids anyway.
We ask for your understanding if you receive one of these packages and reassure you that the infusion inside is still great!

For leaf:

The ingredients were kept as little processed and chopped as possible, for the ones who just cannot resist the beauty of nature in its natural state. 30g per package (weight may slightly vary).

For sachets:
The ingredients were kept as little processed and chopped as possible to fit the sachet. Our sachets are not individually packed and come with no fabric thread, for the ones who find beauty in what's just really necessary. You’ll get 20 Sohzen sachets of 1.2g each in a 24g package (weight may slightly vary).

This organic infusion is certified by Ecocert, an accredited and independent certification organisation.